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Greg Marra is a Los Angeles based producer, multi-instrumentalist and clinician who has worked with some of the biggest names in the music business today. Greg interviews many of music's contemporaries including studio engineers, guitar builders, amplifier builders, professional musicians and those that work in a real world fashion in the music industry.
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Apr 29, 2017

Frank Falbo (Falbo Guitars, Fishman Pickups) and Ivan Fiallos-Zambrano (Endeavor Audio) talk all things Ibanez Universe, Fishman Pickups and much more!


Apr 24, 2017

Guitar luthier to the stars, Eric Chaz, joins Greg to discuss all things guitar repair, his long list of celebrity clients, his days as a young guitarist playing the L.A. scene, surfing, Mexican food and much more!

Apr 17, 2017

John Guilford of Guilford Guitars discusses his custom guitar line including signature models from Ty Tabor, Bruce Bouillet, Ted Nugent as well as his other offerings. John also talks about working at the Chesbro distribution facility for Ibanez Guitars back in the day and much more.

Apr 14, 2017

Legendary amplifier designer and builder, Bruce Egnater of Egnater Amplifiers, discusses all things amps as well as his amp building class and much more!

Apr 10, 2017

Marco Sfogli, guitarist for James Labrie (of Dream Theater) solo band, Marco Sfogli solo, and his newest project for 2017 - Icefish with Virgil Donati on drums. Marco discusses all things guitars, gear and music including his signature Ibanez guitar, the recording process for his own records as well as James Labrie and much more!

Apr 6, 2017

Alan Rosen (CEO of Bananas at Large Music Stores) joins Greg on this episode to discuss his history as owner of the independent music retailer. Bananas at Large has been the go to music store for professional musicians such as Joe Satriani, Neal Schon, James Hetfield and many others for years and services the San Francisco Bay area, US (via online store) and beyond. Alan gives insight to the state of the retail music industry from an independent business owner's perspective. Alan also talks about education in our public schools and what he's doing to help make more programs available in our school systems today. 

Apr 3, 2017

Thomas McLaughlin (McRocklin, Bad4Good) talks about his years as a child prodigy in the Steve Vai produced band, Bad4Good, as well as his new release for 2017 called "Storms". Thomas discusses his love for rap, hip hop and electronic music and then takes us on a trip back to Vai's "The Audience is Listening" video and recording at The Mothership back in the early 90's as a young musician. Search McRocklin for all things Thomas McLaughlin.