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Greg Marra is a Los Angeles based producer, multi-instrumentalist and clinician who has worked with some of the biggest names in the music business today. Greg interviews many of music's contemporaries including studio engineers, guitar builders, amplifier builders, professional musicians and those that work in a real world fashion in the music industry.
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Feb 26, 2017

Studio engineer and owner, Andy Zuckerman, is the guest for this episode of IMP. Andy takes us through his decades long career discussing his work at BAM Magazine, Line 6 Amplification as well as Bogner Amplification and his own studio - The Institute of Noise. Andy and Greg chat about studio gear, current studio techniques and trends as well as modeling amps and much more. 

Feb 24, 2017

Dario Lorina, guitarist for Black Label Society and Zakk Wylde's Book of Shadows joins Greg to discuss his days of playing in Jani Lane's band as a young guitarist as well as Lizzy Borden and then years touring with BLS. Dario has just released his sophomore release on Shrapnel Records named Death Grip Tribulations. The show closes with Dario's tune Echoes Of A Stone Heart from Death Grip Tribulations available everywhere on February 24th, 2017. 

Feb 24, 2017

Bassist Bjorn Englen joins Greg on this episode to discuss his work with Tony Macalpine, Dio Disciples, Plenty Heavy, Soul Sign, Blackwelder and Yngwie Malmsteen as well as many others. Bjorn talks about his experience with being a first call session and touring musician as well as the Hollywood scene and his endorsements with Ibanez Guitars and other companies. 

Feb 21, 2017

Eric Hill (owner/engineer at The Blue Room Studio and developer of Supersonic Samples) joins Greg to discuss his years as a tracking, mixing and mastering engineer as well as his plug-in drum sample company. Eric has run The Blue Room Studio for well over a decade and has worked with major label artist as well as developing acts in the Bay Area. There is a ton of information in this episode in regards to studio gear, techniques, how to get the most from a studio session and much more.  

Feb 20, 2017

DUg Pinnick, (King's X, KXM), talks to Greg about the new KXM record "Scatterbrain" as well as his years with King's X. DUg describes his signature amp from Tech 21 and signature bass guitar from Schecter. Tune in to hear DUg's answer to the question "Will there be new King's X music?" 

Feb 13, 2017

Drummer extraordinaire Jimmy D'Anda, (Lynch Mob, Bulletboys), joins Greg for this episode of IMP.  Jimmy has enjoyed gold record status in the heyday of the MTV era. Bulletboys had several videos in heavy rotation on the music network and mega success while signed to Warner Bros. Records. Greg and Jimmy discuss his recordings with legendary record producer Ted Templeman (Van Halen). Jimmy has toured extensively for nearly the past two decades as resident drummer of Lynch Mob with guitar icon George Lynch. Jimmy is an endorsed artist with DW Drums, Paiste Cymbals, Aquarian Drum Heads, and Vater Drum Sticks.

Feb 12, 2017

Jon Sullivan of Sully Guitars is Greg's guest for this episode of IMP. Jon discusses his custom guitar company, Sully Guitars, as well as his unique guitar body designs and his partnership with legendary guitar builder Grover Jackson. 

Feb 11, 2017

Mark Day from Fractal Audio Systems joins Greg to discuss the Axe-Fx as well as his YouTube videos (millions of views and subscribers). Mark talks about his time building rack systems and modifying amps for musicians such as George Lynch, Eddie Van Halen, Steve Stevens, Vivian Campbell, Jerry Cantrell as well as many others. Mark closes out the show with an original composition where he rips in his own stylistic way!

Feb 9, 2017

Rob Balducci joins Greg on this episode to discuss his career including being a recording artist on Steve Vai's Favored Nations record label as well as being an Ibanez endorsed artist for 25 years. Greg and Rob talk at length about the state of the music business in 2017 as well as recording techniques Rob uses for his 5 full length records. 

Feb 8, 2017

Peter Gusmano Jr. joins Greg on this episode to discuss is organization, Guitar for a Cure, that benefits Project ALS. Peter and Greg talk about their experiences at the NAMM conventions as well as a performance by Peter. Greg is later joined by guest co-host and guitar tech Tanner Brown in a segment where they dissect popular song lyrics to suss out what in the world were they thinking. This is the debut episode of Greg's new show!